Quantum Field Theory

Applications of Quantum Field Theory of Advanced Physics in quantization upon economics yield exactly and great advantages for developments of locality interactions with fields and thus revealing properties accurately for all characteristics, group properties, specifics such as stocks, bonds, ETF, Foreign Exchange, hedge funds, and equity as well as assets as local parameters of the quantized fields. Programming will gain the best results for selection process  in Neural Nets inducing “certainty” and eliminating entirely “uncertainty”. Therefore, the result is fundamentally deterministic and no probability of any digital economic performance yielding profits and equity.

Further applications of Quantum Field Theory with a little perturbation and expansion of a Taylor series could be weaved into an exact solution by topological method. Areas of Finance would be greatly enhancing by which it’s quite useful that bank instruments would be no need for expensive fees that often had placed upon clients and users to pay for.

The subject matter of the application of QFT is still under development. Our site will welcome any creative work in respectively submission or share views  in applying of QFT in digital economics and/or finance.